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A Step-by-step Guide for Virtual Branches 

Step 1: Log in to an app or a website

Step 2: Filling in the online application form

They’ll ask you for some information like your full name, home address, national ID number, and the email and phone number you want to use with your account.

Step 3: Confirm your identity 

They have to verify all their customers’ identities. Therefore, to help them confirm that you are who you say you are, they ask their customer to take a picture of the identity documents such as passport, national ID card.

Your Passport and ID scanning with OCR recognition and it will return you the relevant information, in the format you prefer.

Step 4: Video/ Photo selfie

An Identity Authentication Method Combining Liveness Detection and Face Matching.

Face matching is to identify & verify a person from a digital image or a video frame. It compares facial features with the database provided by customers. That’s when a customer takes a picture/ video (selfie) on mobile or web camera.

Liveness detection distinguishes live persons from presentation attacks such as photos, videos or masks

Step 5: Data validation and verification

This step of testing and validation ensures that all applicable data is present from source to target. Validation is a process whereby the data entered in the database is checked to make sure that it is sensible.

Step 6: Account activation

When you receive your card, activate it by entering your card number into the app.

Step 7: The Virtual Connection

The client uses the virtual connection to connect with a bank employee, and this employee assists them at every stage of the transaction.

The interactive screens allowing both the consultant and the client to modify the parameters of an offer, work together on an application, upload photos of signed documents or remotely authorize and authenticate.

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