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How long will it take to implement eKYC solution?

The time to complete the eKYC solution for opening an account depends on the following factors: current system and infrastructure, form of solution (cloud or on-premise), current banking process and operations, the request for a simple or complex solution. However, the time to complete the eKYC solution for opening new accounts for the on-premise solution is about 3-6 months.

Which customers has Innotech implemented eKYC solutions?

Definitely possible. This is also one of the strengths that make Innotech become a partner of famous banks in Vietnam. Innotech has experience in consulting and building eKYC for many banks such as ACB, TymeDigital, UMB, Unifimoney. Therefore, we are confident that we can help you build a comprehensive eKYC solution, to operate efficient and safe system.

How to update application new features

We have experience in implementing eKYC solution and integrated into core banking of banks such as ACB, TymeBank, UMB. The integration into the core banking of a bank is not simply connecting APIs, but we also deeply intervene in advising to optimize the bank's system so that when deploying the eKYC solution, the operation process can be improved stable and confidential.

Are technologies like OCR, Face Matching etc. developed by ITV?

We are the unit to search and integrate technologies like OCR, face matching, liveness detection from reputable partners domestically and internationally, rather than directly developing solutions.

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Innotech had experience in consulting, building, and developing eKYC for many financial institutions such as ACB, TymeDigital, UMB, Unifimoney ,etc. Therefore, we can confidently help you build a comprehensive eKYC solution. Please contact immediately for more information.